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Sugar Sanjeevi Podi - 100g

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Herbal Ingredients:
  • Gymnema sylvestr (Siru Kurinjan)
  • Black Plum Seed (Naval Kottai)
  • Neem
  • Kariyat (Siriyanangai)
  • Ivy Gourd Leaves (Kovai Pazham)
  • Vilva Fruit (Bael)

  • It is a perfect controller of blood sugar level and it helps to avoid the kidney problems caused due to high blood Sugar.
  • All the major problems which were caused by High Blood sugar can be cured by this "Sanjeevi Chooranam"
  • It cures Itching and Skin related issues.

How to take?
  • Take 1 tea spoon or 5 gms of Sanjeevi Chooranam in 200 ml of Water.
  • Boil the same util it becomes 100 ml and drink the same in empty stomach

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