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Vilvam Juice - 500ml

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  1. Vilva Fruit (Bael Fruit/AegleMarmelops/Stone Apple)
  2. Pepper
  3. Long Pepper
  4. Dry ginger
  5. Elachi
  6. Country Sugar
  7. Cloves

As you know, there is no fruit better than Vilva. Any ayurvedic treatment will not fulfill without Vilvam. It reduces the body heat very much and keeps you cool always. It gives refrehment from tiredness and heals skin problems such as psoriasis. It excretes the toxic substances from yous intestines and makes you feel better.

Way to use?
Mix 50 ml of Juice with 100 ml of Water and drink the same in empty stomach. It can be taken any time for refreshment.
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