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Neti Pot

To properly use a Neti Pot at home, you will need a clean area and the proper supplies. Our Neti Pot includes:

A plastic 300 ml Neti Pot.
It is made of food-grade plastic.
Make sure to use clean, lukewarm water, and table salt. Using large grain salt can cause discomfort.

Benefits and Usage Instructions:
How to use your Neti Pot:

Make sure your Neti Pot has been adequately cleaned.
Make a lukewarm, saltwater solution, and fill the pot.
Head outside or to your sink to keep the mess at a minimum.
Tilt your head to one side over your sink, and slowly begin to let the water flow through your nostril.
Breath slowly through your mouth as the water passes from the upper nostril and out of the low nostril.
M.R.P.: ₹ 50.00
Price: 35.00

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You Save: ₹ 15.00 (30%)

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