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Thulasi Cough Juice - 100ml

Price: 120.00

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Our company has gained immense accolades in the field of offering Herbal Cough Syrup to the users. This Herbal Cough Syrup is processed using excellent quality honey and other ingredients in compliance with set industry quality standards. This product is highly beneficial for treating cough and cold.

Measure: 100 ml / 200 ml

Ingredients:Strictly no artificial chemicals added. Below are the ingredients.

  • Thumbai (Leucas aspera)
  • Tulsi
  • Climbing Brinjal (Thuthuvalai)
  • Solanum Surattense (Kandankathiri)
  • Betel Leaf
  • Oregano (Karpooravalli)
  • Acalypha indica (Kuppaimeni)
  • Adathoda
  • Alpinia galanga (Siria Arathai & Peria Arathai)

It cures the cold, Long lasting cold, Asthma, Tuberclosis, Sinus, Water accumulation in lungs, Digestion issues. 

Way to use: 
Taking in empty stomach gives good results. Based on the severity of the disease, it can be taken in the morning and evening from 5 ml to 10 ml. It can be given to the babies from 6 months to any ages. It is 100% natural.

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i need vilvam juice and thulasi cough syrup
Posted by Selvy on Jan 22, 2021
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